• 2022 Program of Work


  • The Dublin-Laurens County Chamber of Commerce 2022 program of work will continue processes set forth to create viable, proactive mechanisms that become a driving force for Laurens County's prosperity in the 21st century. The purpose of this course of work is to:

    • reawaken and re-engage the general public and business community about the components necessary for business growth and job creation
    • become strong advocates and move forward with broadband accessibility necessary and vital for growth and success in our County
    • develop and create diverse public-private partnerships to advance the community's long-term prosperity through taking risks and rewarding success


    2022 Economic Vitality Initiatives

    Workforce Development

    • Cultivate a more unified relationship between educational institutions and local business to meet workforce needs
    • Host community, business and industry roundtable discussions addressing workforce challenges and opportuntities
    • Promote members through virtual content

    Business Development

    • Create additional resources leading to growth in the business community
    • Provide counseling and training for small businesses

    Public Policy

    • Assist in local elections by hosting education forums and promoting the importance of running for public office
    • Advocate for pro-business legislation

    Public-Private Partnerships

    • Identify opportunities in which public and private partnerships will promote growth in our region