• Chamber Annual Dinner


  • 2018 - 66th Annual  Photos by Georgia Promotions & Aerial Imaging

    • Program-2-w1200.jpg
      Dublin-Laurens County Chamber of Commerce 66th Annual Dinner
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    • Heath-with-Black-Hat-2-w1200.jpg
      Heath Taylor, Chamber President/CEO
    • Blues-Brothers-7-w1200.jpg
      Special Guests: Blues Brothers! (Jeff Cannon, Citizens Bank of Laurens County and Zach McCullers, Farmers State Bank)
    • Toby-Gould-YKK-1-w1200.jpg
      Toby Gould, YKK AP America - Mission Sponsor
    • YKK-1.JPG-w1200.jpg
      Mission Sponsor - YKK AP America
    • YKK-table-2.JPG-w1200.jpg
      Mission Sponsor - YKK AP America
    • Morris-Bank-Table-1.JPG-w1200.jpg
      Reception Sponsor - Morris Bank
    • Morris-Bank-Table-2-(1).JPG-w1200.jpg
      Reception Sponsor - Morris Bank
    • Fairview-Park.JPG-w1200.jpg
      Concert Sponsor - Fairview Park Hospital
    • Curry-Co-1.JPG-w1200.jpg
      Concert Sponsor - Curry Companies and Curry Maffett Insurance
    • Erdrich-Table.JPG-w1200.jpg
      Concert Sponsor - Erdrich USA Inc.
    • GovStive-w1200.jpg
      Concert Sponsor - GovStrive
    • Rhino-USA.JPG-w1200.jpg
      Concert Sponsor - Rhino USA Inc.
    • ZZ-Top-w1200.jpg
      Special Guests - ZZ Top
    • Larry-Schenck-speaking-6-w1200.jpg
      Larry Schenck, Morris Bank, 2018 Chamber Chair
    • Exchange-of-Gavel-w1200.jpg
      Exchanging of the Gavel: Larry Schenck, 2018 Chamber Chair to Michael Maffett, 2019 Chamber Chair
    • Michael-Maffett-speaking-3-w1200.jpg
      Michael Maffett, Curry Maffett Insurance, 2019 Chamber Chair
    • Zach-McCullers---Ambassador-of-the-Year-2018-w1200.jpg
      Zach McCullers, Farmers State Bank, Ambassador of the Year 2018, sponsored by Bass Physical Therapy and Rehab Services
    • Helen-Harper---Community-Choice-Award-2018-3-w1200.jpg
      Judge Helen Harper, Community Choice Award 2018
    • TV35---Small-Business-of-the-Year-2018-w1200.jpg
      TV35, James and Ron Deal, Small Business of the Year 2018
    • Fairview-Park-Hospital---Large-Business-of-the-Year-2018-w1200.jpg
      Fairiview Park Hospital, Lage Business of the Year 2018
    • Marcia-Dixon---Willie-Paulk-Red-Fire-Professional-Woman-of-the-Year-2018-w1200.jpg
      Marcia Dixon, Flexsteel Industries, Inc., Willie Paulk "Red Fire" Professional Business Woman of the Year Award 2018
    • Louie-Curry---Professional-Business-Man-of-the-Year-2018-w1200.jpg
      Louie Curry, Curry Companies, Professional Business Man of the Year Award 2018
    • Band-14-w1200.jpg
      Entertainment for the evening: Too Much Sylvia
    • Dance-Floor-12-w1200.jpg
      Celebrate the Accomplishment!