• Servicemaster utilizes the VI Electrostatic Spray System (ESS)

    Servicemaster is partnering with local business and Government entities for preventing and treating COVID-19. If you have any commercial inquiries about treatment, please fill free to contact me. We have the resources of over 70+ franchises and national catastrophe units to stay ahead of the virus and prevent spreading. Below is a general description of our treatment procedures: 
    Servicemaster utilizes the VI Electrostatic Spray System (ESS) for large area sanitation. This delivery method is critical for sanitizing in high traffic areas. The electrostatic molecular ionization of the bio-sanitizing agent is an effective, measurable method that insures full surface, interior structure, and venting coverage of sanitation solution delivery. Using air assisted electrostatic spraying provides the benefit of what is known as the electrostatic wraparound phenomenon. This process consists of full wraparound coverage of the target surface and vent uptake areas. The required height for sanitizing is 10 ft. The underside, backside, edges, nooks and crevices are all “wrapped” in the sanitizing solution in microscopic (900x smaller than conventional sprayers/foggers) mist distribution. This delivery system is ideal due to NO DOWN TIME and NO REQUIRED post treatment wipe down, with the exception of food surfaces. Food surfaces may be used within 10 minutes after water wipe down for food contact areas using microfiber cloth. All areas may resume regular activity within ten minutes. 
    Our product offering has EPA approval to provide full sanitization within 30 seconds of contact for greater than 99.999% of microbes including Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA VRE, Pandemic A H1N1, and all other microbial organisms commonly identified. It has a 4 minute kill time 99.99% of viruses such as Norovirus, and Human Coronavirus, and SARS-CoV-2. By using the combination of electrostatic delivery with products that are non abrasive, botanically derived, and sanitize with no bleaching, chlorine, or phosphates, standard PPE protection is not necessary for technicians applying the product. 
    We offer the highest quality, most reliable delivery method using the best products available for safety, comfort and assurance of contaminant elimination available. All of our protocols and treatment plans have met or exceed the CDC recommendations for treatment of COVID-19. Additional details may be provided as requested. 
    On behalf of our entire ServiceMaster team, we stand ready and committed to serve Laurens County and the surrounding areas. Please let us know if you have any questions what-so-ever. 
    At your service, 
    Kelly Freis
    ServiceMaster of Middle Georgia
    ServiceMaster Recovery Management
    (478) 208-0853