• Sen. Larry Walker Receives New Committee Assignments

    Sen. Larry Walker Receives New Committee Assignments
    ATLANTA (January 13, 2021) | Yesterday, Sen. Larry Walker (R – Perry) received the following appointments and assignments for standing Senate committees:

    • Chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee
    • Vice Chairman of the Senate Insurance and Labor Committee
    • Member of the Senate Appropriations Committee
    • Member of the Rules Committee
    • Member of the Committee on Assignments
    • Ex-Officio of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee
    • Ex-Officio of the Senate Retirement Committee
    “It is an honor to be given the opportunity to serve Georgia, in both new and current capacities, and I would like to thank Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan for his leadership and the confidence he has placed in me, especially to chair such an important committee,” said Sen. Walker. “Having previously served alongside my colleagues as a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, I understand how critically important our work is in growing Georgia jobs, especially in rural parts of our state. Agriculture, as we have seen, remains the largest industry in Georgia with an economic impact of $73 billion and an employment rate of roughly 1 in 7 Georgians. I am both honored and humbled to chair the committee that considers legislation to further this critically important segment of our economy and to consider measures aimed at advocating for the interests of Georgia consumers. Our work in the legislature extends to every county and sector, and I look forward to working with the other members of each committee to ensure Georgia remains a great place to live, work and raise a family.”
    “These committee chairs are uniquely qualified to develop real and lasting solutions aimed at building a better Georgia,” said Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan. “The Senate will continue to prioritize diligent committee work and sound public policy, and I look forward to working closely with each one of our chairs, and their committee members, as we work to enact policies that advance both the lives and livelihoods of all Georgians.”
    Once a piece of legislation is introduced in the Senate, it is assigned to a committee, depending on its topic. If the committee gives the legislation a “do pass” recommendation, then the proposed law is sent to the Rules Committee for consideration. The appointed chairs will oversee the operation and order of Senate committee meetings, including calling for action on bills, resolutions or other matters assigned to that committee.
    The first session of the 156th Georgia General Assembly convened on January 11, 2021, at the Georgia State Capitol.
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    Sen. Larry Walker serves as the Majority Caucus Vice Chairman.  He represents the 20th Senate District, which includes Bleckley, Houston, Laurens and Pulaski counties.  He may be reached by phone at 404.656.0095 or by email at larry.walker@senate.ga.gov.