• OFTC Trained, Amanda Stokes Thrives in Pharmacy Career

    OFTC Trained, Amanda Stokes Thrives in Pharmacy Career 

    OFTC –Amanda Stokes had a job. She was good at her job. But her desire for change led her to Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) where she began to pursue a career in pharmacy.  
    “I was seeking a change from an administrative office job and I knew OFTC’s pharmacy technology program would prepare me for a great career,” Stokes said.  

    Prepared for a Career 
    Deciding on OFTC wasn't a difficult decision for her. “I remember when the College was first built and what a valuable asset to our community it was,” she said. “It’s been an outstanding college since day one and stands up to an impressive academic reputation.” 
    Stokes enrolled in classes and graduated with her diploma in 2011 and her degree in pharmacy technology in May of 2020.  
    “To me, that says a lot,” Stokes shared. “Through several years of attending class day and night, studying and working hard, I earned both my diploma and degree.”  
    “Amanda was an outstanding student,” shared OFTC Pharmacy Technology Instructor, Jack Shepherd. “She gave it her all and wanted to be successful. She was an outstanding class leader and motivator. At times she needed someone to give her encouragement and I always offered that. Even to this day at clinicals, Amanda is so positive and offers advice and encouragement to our students.” 
    “Achieving her associate degree after getting the diploma in Pharmacy Technology was something that Amanda worked very hard and diligently to obtain,” Shepherd added, “and I am so proud of her success at OFTC and in her career." 
    That personal attention is one thing Stokes says aided in her positive experience at OFTC. “Let OFTC help you acquire a new career,” she said. “The value of education is so important in life and OFTC provides exceptional faculty with great knowledge in their field, and they’re always prepared to help you.”  
    Even while taking classes Stokes felt she was being thoroughly prepared. “I was truly amazed at how my instructor was so helpful and supportive,” she said. “Mr. Shepherd’s program offers great academic curriculum and his students have an outstanding success rate.”  

    A Rewarding Career 
    The hard work paid off. Stokes competed her program and knew she was ready for her career. 
    “OFTC prepared me with the academic knowledge and my clinical rotations prepared me for my career,” Stokes shared. “When I graduated I was confident and ready to start in the workplace.”  
    After graduating with her diploma, Stokes took advantage of opportunities to work in different areas of pharmacy. “My experiences working in various positions and with a number of pharmacists allowed me to gain so much knowledge,” she said. “I stop, look back and think how grateful I am.” 
    In 2013 Stokes started working at the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center in Dublin. Currently, she serves as a Certified Pharmacy Technician Customer Service representative where she works directly with veterans.  
    “My job is very rewarding,” Stokes shared. “I’m the frontline service to our veterans – American Heroes, and I purpose to serve each one with great honor, integrity and respect. Being able to answer their questions about medications, giving them an honest response and providing for their needs in the pharmacy is a joy each day.” 
    Stokes says her experience at OFTC was “truly one of the best times” in her life. “I want to encourage anyone to start a new career now. It’s never too late to begin,” she said. “Let OFTC help you acquire it!” 
    For more info about OFTC’s Pharmacy Technology program, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu