• OFTC’s Clements, Ussery & Warnock Secure Positions at Robins AFB

    OFTC’s Clements, Ussery & Warnock Secure Positions at Robins AFB

    OFTC –Three Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) Electronics Technology students have garnered positions at Robins Air Force Base (AFB) where they are using skills learned in the classroom to make money and gain practical experience, all while adding to their resume.
    Lane Clements (Rentz) and Josh Warnock (East Dublin) are both involved in the Pathways Program through USAJobs which is an internship-based program that allows both an opportunity to practice their technical skills in electronics, make money and potentially land full-time positions once their internship is complete and they’ve graduated from their OFTC program.
    Fellow OFTC student, Jeremy Ussery (McRae) has already landed a full-time position at Robins AFB working on the Flight Line.
    Career Minded
    While attending East Laurens High School, Warnock was encouraged by his shop teacher to consider furthering his education through OFTC. But it wasn’t until 2018, two years after graduating from high school that Warnock heeded his instructor’s counsel.
    After deciding to pursue a career in the electronics field, Warnock enrolled in OFTC’s Electronics Technology program where he then learned about the Pathways Program from his instructor, Lee Radney.
    “From the start I was interested in the electronics program for the career opportunity,” Warnock shared. “It was my goal all along to get a job at Robins AFB when I first decided to pursue the electronics field.”
    He applied and was selected for the Pathways Program and began working at Robins AFB in June of 2019.
    “Everything I’ve learned since starting in the electronics technology program I use every day when I’m working at Robins,” Warnock said. “I’ve enjoyed learning the real-world stuff that OFTC teaches and it all helps me in the workforce.”
    Like Warnock, Clements enjoyed working with electronics and electricity. So, he enrolled in OFTC’s Electronics Technology program in August of 2018 and hoped he would one day have an opportunity to work at Robins AFB.
    “My instructor, Lee Radney, sent me an email with information about the Pathways opportunity,” Clements shared. “I applied through USAJobs and they contacted me 6-8 weeks later for an interview. I completed the interview process and was chosen!”
    Clements currently serves as an Electronics Technician at Robins AFB and says the skills he’s learned, like soldering and breadboarding circuits, and his Direct Current and Alternating Current classes have already helped him on the job.
    Career Achieved
    Ussery’s position at Robins AFB is a little different than his classmates. Rather than an internship, Ussery applied and secured a full-time position as an electronics mechanic. He works day shift, Monday through Friday.
    "I started taking classes at OFTC in January of 2019 after hearing positive things about the College and the electronics program,” Ussery said. “The fact that it was close to home was also a plus.”
    Knowing he wanted to pursue a career in aircraft electronics or avionics and of the opportunities available at Robins AFB, Ussery was confident OFTC was a good place to pursue an avionics career. “I knew the skills I’d learn here would help me land a position at Robins AFB and achieve these goals successfully,” he shared.
    Soon after beginning his classes, Ussery applied for and secured the position at Robins AFB. He started his new position in June of this year.
    Balancing his new work schedule and school is challenging but Ussery says he’s “thankful OFTC has flexible class schedules morning and evening to allow the students to work while they go to school.”
    Another plus are his instructors, he added. “The fact that we have very knowledgeable and helpful instructors who are available and willing if you need their assistance, in my opinion, is the best thing about OFTC.”
    “I just want to say to anyone interested in coming to OFTC for electronics, you’ll be glad you made this decision and it will open up a lot of great opportunities for you.” he said.
    Career Opportunities
    Recently OFTC’s Trades and Industrial programs faculty and staff met with officials from Robins AFB to discuss future opportunities for partnership. OFTC’s programs met the criteria that Robins AFB needs in candidates for potential employees and agreed to continue looking for opportunities with OFTC students as future needs arise.
    To learn more about career opportunities available through OFTC, visit he College’s website, OFTC.edu. For more information about the Pathways Program, visit the Government’s Office of Personnel Management website.


    Lane Clements (L) and Josh Warnock (R) – two OFTC Electronics Technology students – landed positions at Robins AFB through the Pathways programs through USAJobs.

    OFTC Electronics Technology student, Jeremy Ussery, is soldering electronic components to a printed circuit board during a recent lab exercise for his OFTC class. Ussery recently landed a full time position at Robins AFB thanks to the training he’s received at OFTC.