• OFTC’s Board of Directors Retain 100% Certification

    Caption: L-R: William Valduga; OFTC President, Erica Harden; TCSG State Board Chairwoman, Anne Kaiser; and Eric Smith. (Troy Windham, NP)

    OFTC’s Board of Directors Retain 100% Certification


    OFTC –For the fourth consecutive year, Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC) was honored by the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) for attaining 100% certification of their local board of directors.

    It is the goal of each TCSG College Board that all of its members attain certification which requires each member to meet several criteria, including attendance to a number of training courses.

    In the last year, OFTC added three new members to their local board of directors: Eric Smith (Telfair), William Valduga (Jefferson), and Troy Windham (Laurens), who each recently completed their certification requirements.

    OFTC’s Board of Directors were recognized for their accomplishments during the TCSG’s annual Fall Leadership Conference in Savannah, Tuesday, October 29.

    For more info about OFTC’s Local Board of Directors or the TCSG, visit the OFTC.edu website.