• Hwy 117 micro paving improvements begin


    Hwy 117 micro paving improvements begin



    CADWELL - This morning Asphalt Paving Systems began a $825,000 pavement surface improvement and preservation contract on State Route 117.

    The work zone spans from the Dodge County line 11 miles east near US 441/US 319/SR 31. Expect daily delays for the next one to two weeks as crews remain in the area.

    The Georgia DOT contract includes a pavement preservation process known as micro seal paving, which is a thin layer of rock and emulsion mixture to top the roadway. This seals the highway from future breakdowns and water damage. 

    Maintenance techniques ensure more district lane miles remain in good condition for longer, while stretching tax dollars further for a region covering over 7,000 lane miles.

    Our maintenance team members who repair roads and bridges and our project teams who oversee construction projects are continuing their essential work, while following sanitary work practices prescribed by health agencies to protect themselves and the public from the coronavirus, as are most state DOTs in the U.S.