• Duncan Supports Committee Passage of Hate Crimes Bill

    Duncan Supports Committee Passage of Hate Crimes Bill 

    Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan expressed his support for the Senate Judiciary Committee’s passage of the hate crimes bill, HB 426, with the addition of first responders as a protected class.

    “I am committed to seeing hate crimes legislation passed this session, and committee approval of HB 426 keeps the process moving forward,” said Duncan. “I appreciate the work that the House has put into this issue, and adding first responders deserves to receive widespread support. In recent months, we’ve seen hate crimes against regular citizens, and we’ve seen hate crimes committed against first responders. Neither are acceptable, and we will not tolerate it in our state.
    “I still support the changes that I outlined earlier this week, and I will continue to look for ways to get those important reforms into law. The work isn’t over, but today’s action puts us one step closer to getting a hate crimes bill passed.”