Dublin High School Seniors Commit to OFTC 

OFTC – Eighteen high school seniors in Dublin were celebrated on Friday, May 6, as they pledged their commitment to attend Oconee Fall Line Technical College following their high school graduation.  
The signing ceremony was held at Dublin High School. 

“We’re really happy to have y’all here this morning as we celebrate the students who are signing to continue their education at Oconee Fall Line Technical College,” shared Ben Lanier, Workforce Development Coordinator at Dublin High School.

“OFTC is a critical partner that we have in our area, and they equip students with technical credentials and tangible skills that are greatly needed in the workforce, even sometimes more so than students with a traditional degree,” he added. “And we’re really excited that we have such a high number of Dublin High School students who have noticed this trend and are going to take advantage of the offerings OFTC provides in our community.”  

Five underclassmen also committed to take advantage of dual enrollment opportunities through OFTC.  
“We’re very excited to be here and to welcome you to Oconee Fall Line Technical College to be an OFTC Owl and to join our family,” said Erica Harden, OFTC President.  

“The purpose of OFTC is workforce development,” she added. “We have programs that are created to prepare students, our graduates, for the workforce. We don’t teach anything out there that you can’t get a job, so that’s why we have a 98% placement rate.”  

“But more importantly to me,” she continued, “I think our purpose is to care for our students and create an atmosphere that you want to be there, that you want to learn, that you have people you can reach out to if you have a question. We’re excited to have you and I look forward to seeing you on campus. Go owls!” 

The students were each called to the stage where they signed their letters of intent and held up OFTC swag, confirming their intent to attend OFTC.  

The following students made commitments to OFTC.  

For more info about OFTC’s 130+ programs or dual enrollment options, visit the college’s website, OFTC.edu.