• Amanda Payne Says OFTC’s Accounting Program was “The Best Decision I Ever Made.”

    Amanda Payne graduated from OFTC’s Accounting Program in 2019 and quickly secured employment at a local accounting firm.

    Amanda Payne Says OFTC’s Accounting Program was “The Best Decision I Ever Made.”

    JUNE 10, 2020
    While it took Amanda Payne years to find her career, when she started taking accounting classes at Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC), she immediately knew it was the field for her.

    Payne was no stranger to OFTC. She received her GED in 2003 and found herself taking classes toward several other programs throughout the years. But in 2017 she started taking accounting classes and hasn’t looked back since.

    “I have always loved working with numbers and pursuing my accounting degree at OFTC was the best decision I ever made,” she said.

    But it was more than the numbers that kept Payne engaged. “In accounting, you learn how to problem solve and strategize from the small ‘mom and pop’ shops all the way up to the big corporations,” she said. “Accounting is the very backbone to every business, and it excites me to know that I am a small part in the big world of accounting.”

    Not only did she love what she was learning but Payne’s experience with the people at OFTC made it worth it time and time again.

    “The people who work at OFTC are the best and are willing to help you in any way possible to help you succeed in your goals,” she shared, recalling how her accounting instructor went out of her way to help when she needed it and how her English instructor helped her get a job on campus that was flexible with her class schedule.
    “My experience at OFTC was the best,” Payne said, “and if by chance I ever wanted to go back to school I would choose OFTC every time.”

    After graduating with her associate degree, Payne landed a job as a Client Services Provider at TJS Deemer Dana, a full-service certified public accounting firm in Dublin, Ga.

    “I actually first found out about the job after Mrs. Holtzclaw, my accounting instructor, suggested it to me and said she thought I would excel with them,” Payne shared.
    Payne is using the skills she learned in OFTC’s accounting program in her job every day and says she does things like bookkeeping, payroll, quarter payroll returns, tax returns and so much more.

    ”It felt amazing to be able to put my skills that I had learned to good use,” she said.
    OFTC’s Accounting Program is taught in Sandersville, Dublin and online and students have the option to choose the associates degree (5 semesters), diploma (4 semesters), or technical certificate of credit (2 semesters) programs.

    “OFTC is a great place to pursue an education,” Payne said. “Technical colleges give you a chance to go to school without paying a fortune and because of OFTC, I didn’t have to go into debt to get a great education that will carry me throughout my whole life.”

    To learn more about OFTC’s Accounting Program or how to get started, visit the College’s website, OFTC.edu. Currently, there is no application fee or entrance exam required.