Embrace Africa DBA Jackson Hewitt

Embrace Africa DBA Jackson Hewitt



About Us

Embrace Africa is a team of Christians from the United States and Africa who have come together to touch and change lives for children and their families in rural villages of central Kenya. Since 2010, we have carried out missionary and evangelical work in the poorest regions of Africa. Moreover, we have witnessed the desperation that children in Africa have to undergo due to poverty, lack of basic needs, disease outbreaks, child labor, early marriages, wars, female genital mutilation among myriads of other challenges. In the last few decades, most countries in Africa have experienced a decline in educational standards. Political instability and a crisis in many regions have led to children being recruited to fight in the militia and other fighting forces. In some places, children have abandoned education to go into petty business and child labor In Rwanda; nine-year-olds are heads of households. In Nigeria, they are street hawkers. In Sierra Leone, they are veteran soldiers. In Botswana, they are HIV positive. In Kenya, 13-year-old girls are wives. Embrace Africa comes at a time when children from African villages are crying for help. We respond to Jesus Christ’s call to love and serve the poor. We seek to emulate the Good Samaritan, whose compassion transcended ethnic lines and religious orientations. We serve all people in love regardless of race, faith, ethnicity, and gender.

Core Values
Education: We believe in education as a powerful tool to transform lives. Every child has a right to access education. We believe that children are our hope for a bright future. Accoun

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