Posted: 08/04/2019

    Duties and responsibilities
    •Checking for the patients vital signs; blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing and temperature
    •Filling out the admission form for the patients, noting down their medical history and taking their insurance details , all the pretreatment formalities
    •Follow the orders of the physicians and the registered nurses, as they have to work and learn under them
    • If the patient is injured, then it is LPN's duty to check on the wound and clean and dress the wound whenever required
    •Preparing the patients before any medical examination
    •They have to administer the patients medicines and injection on the time decided by the doctor
    •They have to look after the personal hygiene of the patients like bathing, dressing etc, if the patient is no condition to bathe on their own, the LPN's have to give them sponge baths
    •After discharge, the LPN has to tell the relatives of the patient about the time they have to give them medications and when to come in for check-ups