• Construction Job Estimator

  • Garbutt Construction Co
    Job Description

    The Estimator is a critical position within Garbutt Construction. Estimators are responsible for evaluating bid specifications and drawings, ensuring that we know everything required to successfully bid and win the project. Estimators must aggressively follow-up with subcontractors to ensure that bids are received.
    Estimators also work with the Project Management teams to follow-up on bids and budgets to close the business.
    Bid Administration
    o Prepares and maintains status of plan reproduction
    o Solicits and maintains communication with subcontractors and vendors
    o Prepares subcontractor bid packages
    o Transmits addenda and other bid information to subcontractors
    o Ensures that we have the proper coverage from subcontractors on bid day
    o Contacts supply houses to obtain additional subcontractor bids
    o Shows creativity and resourcefulness to gain better pricing from subcontractors
    o Submits 100% of bids and budgets by the bid deadline – no exceptions
    o Enters all relevant information into Timberline
    Project Knowledge
    o Review bid requirements thoroughly and asks follow-up question on every bid
    o Has a thorough understanding of the scope for specific trades assigned
    o Develops RFI's and clarifications and ensure adequate subcontractor coverage and shows
    o Performs a comprehensive "bid day" analysis and scoping of specific assigned trades
    o Understands how to fit subs to the size/scope of project
    o Creates bid lists that fit scope of job, ensuring that we have the right subs for the project
    o Minimize exclusions by “doing our homework”
    o Include value-engineering ideas on every bid
    Follow up & closing
    o Consistently follows up on submitted bids and budgets with Architect and/or
    Construction Manager to close business.
    o Knows architects, construction managers, property managers, brokers and can close
    Project turnover
    o Properly turns over bid documents and sub buyout information to Project Management in
    a timely manner. Goal is 100% of awarded projects turned over within 24 hours of
    o Review drawings with Project Management team and highlight areas of concern
    o Review job cost with Project Management team and highlight any subs/material vendors
    that still need to be awarded
    o Complete project kick-off form to ensure compliance
    Subcontractor award
    o Thoroughly checks requirements to buy the proper scope
    o Awards subs in a timely manner to ensure release of materials
    o Releases materials for record only when possible
    o Ensures that subs are aware of (and commit to) the project schedule
    o Provide subs with as much information as possible (PM, Super, permit status, etc.)
    Subcontractor management
    o Seeks & qualifies new subcontractors
    Handle all subcontractor interactions in a manner designed to build a long term relationship.
    Develop personal / social relationships with selective subcontractors.
     Build strong win-win relationships with other departments within Garbutt including project management, marketing, business development, accounting, and superintendents.
    Do whatever it takes to ensure that Garbutt bids and proposals are competitive and have the greatest chance of winning. This may require the employee to arrive early, stay late, or perform tasks not specifically outlined in the job description.
    Double-check all critical work deliverables to minimize mistakes.
    Initiate personal development program to build professional and managerial skills.
    Read local business and relevant construction trade publications.
    Initiate suggestions for company-wide process improvements.
    Research and maintain technological excellence in their work environment.
    Develop creative solutions to problems.
    Identify creative ways to deliver additional profit if possible.
    Complete all activities with a pride of ownership “as if it was your name on the door.”
    Participate in company-wide events, such as meetings, socials, etc.
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    Must know Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel etc., as well as Timberland software.
    Must be self-motivated & punctual.
    Must be able to manage multiple tasks and have excellent follow up skills both internally and externally.
    Must be professional and polished in appearance and speech.
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