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    Offer Valid: 04/27/2020 - 06/30/2020
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    A note from all of us at JT Hanna... 

    We know that times are hard for everyone right now, however you may have been affected by COVID-19. We also know that promotional items might not be a "necessary" purchase for your business or organization right now. We would encourage you to think about the impression you can leave on your customers by keeping your name in the community with promotional items. Show your customers you remain STRONG during these times, and that you ready to provide for them! By continuing to promote your brand, you reinforce that you are there for your customers NO MATTER WHAT. At JT Hanna, we are here for you NO MATTER WHAT! We hope you will continue your amazing support with us! 

    Love to all, 
    JT Hanna

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